Speaker Tumbler

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These tumblers are created by infusing ink onto a special coated tumbler using high heat and special ink. They are double walled and insulated to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.

The speaker connects to your "music" source via Bluetooth. Charging cord included with each tumbler

Due to the increasing amount of designs that I have available for sublimation tumblers; I have found the best and easiest way to share ALL of those designs is with a link to my drive with all of the designs. You will simply put in the "name" of the design in the space or upload a screenshot of the design.


You can view all my designs HERE (click on the word "here") the "name" could be just numbers or words but to be sure I choose the correct one please give me the FULL NAME of the tumbler design you would like Or simply screen shot the design and upload it but PLEASE try to put the name in as well to be sure I can find the design in my ever growing library of designs.

Sublimation tumblers ship within 7 business days.

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