New Arrivals


Available in sublimation or DTF printing:

Sublimation, or dye sublimation printing, is a process where you use a special printer, special ink, and special paper. The design is transferred with heat heat onto specialty materials such as tumblers and shirts specifically for sublimation. Sublimation is better used on light colored fabrics or bleached fabrics. Sublimation printed designs do not have white areas of the designs, so any area in the design that is white will be the color of the material it is being pressed onto. 

Turnaround time for Sublimation prints is 7-14 days.

DTF stands for direct-to-film  DTF is an inkjet transfer using special ink that can then be pressed onto any type and color of fabricDTF prints can be printed with white ink therefore any white areas in the design will be white. 

Turnaround time for DTF prints is 14 business days. 

Turnaround times do NOT start until the weekly shirt order is placed.